The Road Accident and KP Police - KP Badal Raha Hai

[ KP Badal Raha Hai - The Tale of Mr. Akhtar Khalil ]
My Road Accident and KP Police.
2 days before Eid, I had a major Road accident. While chasing another car at 70 Km/hr, a traffic police Jeep hit our car from rear. The mistake was that of the traffic police.

They admitted their mistake and offered us compensation. It was a major accident as we were pushed to the other side of the road. Luckily some stones and sand on the road partition decelerated us and we were saved from traffic of the opposite side. Me and my driver both are safe and sound. However, the car was severely damaged.
We told the traffic police that we only need compensation for fixing the car and we do not want to claim anything else.I told my driver that its not possible that Police stick to their words and give us any compensation. We were told the same by other people.
However, I was wrong. It was far easy for us to get compensation from police. They showed us a mechanic and also said that if we are not happy with him then we can change it.
They took our address. On the instructions of DSP traffic, they visited my home twice to confirm that everything is fine with us. In addition, DSP traffic invited me to his office and confirm that we were not pressurised in accepting any terms.
He also added that if we are not happy with anything then we can call the DSP directly on his mobile.
I am really happy that police has improved to such a good level.
Keep up, KP Police.
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