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'As far as the eye reached, flowers were in bloom. In spring near Parashawar the fields of flowers are very beautiful indeed' -Babar

Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the city of proud Pashtuns has always been an attraction for tourists. It has the 2nd highest population of Pashtuns and has become the centre of their culture and arts in Pakistan. It is a place where ancient traditions rub against those of today, where the bazaar in the old city has changed little in the past hundred years except to have a modern university, some first-class hotels, several international banks and one of the best museums in Pakistan.

It’s connected with Islamabad via Motorway M-1 and via national highway N-5. Peshawar Airport is a 25 minutes drive from the city and is served by all the national carriers including the PIA. Moreover some of the Middle East airlines like Etihad, emirates airlines and Qatar airlines also serve this airport. You can reach the city via Pakistan Railways that departs from some of the major cities like Quetta, Karachi and Lahore.
Khair, Once you are there, there are a lot of must visit places ranging from historical establishments to some really good restaurants. Below are some of the places one must visit in Peshawar..!

Housed in a glorious Victorian Mughal-Gothic hall across the tracks from the Old City, the Peshawar Museum has the largest collection of Gandaharan art in the world, ranging from statues and friezes depicting the Buddha’s life to winged cupids and Herculean heroes. It’s a dizzying stylebook of Graeco-Bacrian art, if often let down by poor labeling (also check out the Graeco-Bactrian coinage hidden upstairs).
There’s a small Islamic collecton with some delightful illustrated books, and an ethnographic section with wooden effigies taken from a Kalasha cemetery, including and ancestor figure riding a two-headed horse.

It’s one of the historic places in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Locally called as “Qilla Bala Hisar” means a “High Fort”. It’s 100 Feet high from the ground level and provides a very panoramic view of the entire Peshawar valley. The fort has an area of 15acres and the date of construction is not known. The fort was brought into its present shape by the Moghuls. The fort currently serves as the headquarters for FC Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. It also has a small museum where weapons, dresses and other items from FC are displayed. Fort is marvelous and a must visit for someone who is found of visiting historical places.

Chowk Yadgar or “The Square of Remembrance” is a famous landmark of Peshawar. Its location at the heart of the old walled city of Peshawar makes it a must see for every traveler. It is located at the convergence point of different major roads and bazaars of the old city. First time constructed in the memory of Colonel E.C Hastings by his friends it is now a memorial to the heroes of the 1965 Pakistan India War. This place has been the focal point of the political and cultural activities of Peshawar City a place of reunion for the old men. If you want to FEEL the real culture of Peshawar, you must visit this place.

Karkhano is known as the "Smuggler's Bazaar", or "Kabuli Bazaar" located on the very west end of Peshawar on the border of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). This is where you can get anything and everything imported, and sold at the cheapest price in the country. It thrives openly on the sale of goods imported through Pakistan for Afghanistan, then smuggled back through the Tribal Areas to avoid paying duty. Everything is available here from cut-price electronics to clothes and stationery. Foreigners are not recommended to visit this place alone and if you are a women it’s better to bring a male along with you.

If you see traditional kehwa khanas, tikka, chapli kabab and dry fruit shops along with modern showrooms of leather goods and bright garments you are probably in Qissa Khawani Bazar, Peshawar. “Qissa Khawani Bazar” means the “Bazaar of Story tellers” in the older times there use to be professional story tellers, caravan arriving from different central Asian states staying in the inns, enjoying cup of green tea while listening to the stories of love and war from the story tellers. Today the story-tellers are gone but the atmosphere lingers on. Bearded tribesmen bargain with city traders over endless cups of green tea. Fruit stalls look small colorful pyramids. People from everywhere throng the crowded street. Afghans, Iraqis, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Afridis, and Shinwaris move around with ease and grace in their colorful native robes and run shoulders with the Western tourists-lost in a world so different, so enchanting.

Masjid Mohabat Khan was built in 17th century and is named after the Mughal Governor of Peshawar who served under Emperors Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. This Mosque is located on the narrow street of Andar Shehr Bazaar, inside the Peshawar City. It is a classic example of Mughal architecture with a central open courtyard and a prayer hall covered by the three fluted domes. Adjacent to the entrance to the mosque, an ancient doorway leads into a large courtyard surrounded by a three storey gallery. You can climb to the roof of this three storied complex to get a superb view down into the courtyard of the mosque. Its open courtyard has an ablution pool in the middle and a single row of rooms around the sides. The prayer hall occupies the west side flanked by two tall minarets. The interior of the prayer hall is sheltered beneath three low fluted domes and is beautifully painted with various floral and geometric designs. A Must Visit Place in Peshawar especially for the ones having interest in Mughal Architecture.

These houses are situated in Mohallah Sethian and can be approached from Chowk Yadgaar. These are highly decorated style of building with carved wooden doors, partitions, balconies, mirrored and painted rooms. The Sehtis are the traditional business community of Peshawar. The main house was built in 1882 AD by Haji Ahmed Gul who migrated from Chamkani (a near village) almost 6 generations ago.

You can't visit Peshawar and not pay a visit to Sher Khan Shaheed Stadium formerly known as Army Stadium (this is also its local name). It is a huge park with plenty of sights and smells. There is a large field that is great for picnics or family gatherings, amusement park rides, fast food, and local fabrics, handicrafts and souvenirs. Saturday is "Family Night" which means that men cannot enter the park without an accompanying female... this is the busiest night of the week.

The reason why so many families chose Army Stadium is the security - the gates are secure with soldiers - you must pass through a metal detector and have the undercarriage of your car checked with a mirror before you can park. Many people bring their large families to sit and gather somewhere secure outside of the home, and often get a snack or ice cream and stay awhile before heading home. The place is buzzing with auto-rickshaws and taxis that wait outside. Don't be surprised if the park goes dark suddenly- the frequent power outages will trigger a generator.

ISLAMIA COLLEGE, University Of Peshawar
Islamia College was founded in 1913 to educate the sons of the Pathan chiefs. The building is in impressive Moghul/Gothic style, so impressive that it also appears on the front of the hundred rupee note. A stroll around the immaculately maintained gardens and lawns is a delight.
Islamia College Peshawar is one of the earliest educational institutions in Frontier. It was built in 1920s and is now a part of Peshawar University.The historical Islamia College Peshawar is among those few institutions of the country, where a large number of sports facilities are provided to the students for their mental and physical training.

Well there are many more awesome places to visit but these were some of the most important I think. Well you may visit these places but Peshawar is well known for its food too and you wont be able to get a taste of the city without visiting some of the best food places. Below is a list of some of the very famous food places in Peshawar

If you are looking for traditional Peshawari food, Namak Mandi is the place to go. It’s like the food street of Peshawar, with a lot of traditional restaurants. “Charsee Tikka House” is the most famous Tikka shop here. Meat is orederd by Kilogram and then prepared according to preferences, either as Tikka or as Karahi. Namak Mandi is also famous for its famous Gem Market.

It’s the best fast food restaurant in the town. Earlier famous for its burgers the restaurant serves different kinds of pizzas as well now.

Chapli Kabab , a flat beef kabab is one of the famous dishes of Peshawar. A lot of Kabab shops are there in Peshawar but Jalil Kabab House near the entrance of Hayatabad is the most famous. You can find some other good kabab houses near ring road Hayatabad.

Shiraz Restaurant, University Town
A very up market option if you want Afghan and Pakistani fare under icy-cold air-con, with linen napkins starched to an inch of their lives. If you're going to treat yourself, do it here with the whole leg of lamb roasted until the meat falls from the bone.

The Khan Klub is a fantastic restaurant, an Aladdin styled restaurant, serving Afgani, Pakistani and western dishes.There is live music from 11.30 AM to 2.00 PM and 7.00 PM to 10.30 PM.
The atmosphere is very good. It was rated among the top ten restaurants in Pakistan by THE NEWS

HABIBI Restaurant
A cut above most places you'll find in the Old City, the rooftop restaurant at Habibi's is made for summer evening eating. The menu is meat-heavy, with the smells of the barbeque wafting through the air to work up your appetite

Masoom’s University Town for continental foods

Khyber Friends A small restaurant located on University road near Orakzai plaza. The taste is very much similar to that of Chersee Tikka House but the environment is not as good.
And there are others like KFC, PIZZA HUT and MR COD too…

Well these are some of the places and restaurants in Peshawar.. If you have any other in mind please do mention in the comments and we will add it in the Post.. Thankyou…

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