Muhammad Khawas Khan Golra

Muhammad Khawas Khan belonged to Golra (Awan) family of village Hairan (Battal) , District Mansehra Pakistan. He was a Muslim and was born on 8th of March ,1908 in village Hairan. His father’s name was Qalandar Khan, a farmer. After passing his primary education in his village he was admitted in sixth class in Anglo Vernacular Middle School at Mansehra. After passing his Middle Class examination he got admission in 9th class but could not complete his Matriculation course and left the school in 1927. But he continued studying Persian and Arabic in his village from a local cleric. He then passed his Matriculation Examination as a private candidate some three years later. He died on 13th of June 1986 and is laid to rest in his native village.  He gained fame for his literary pursuits and had special interest in local tribes, history and personalities. He used to write while sitting in an orchard of apples in his village which was known as ‘Bagh-e-Khawas Khan’.

Published Works.   

1.      Tahqiq-ul-Awan, published in 1964.

2.      Roadad-E-Mujahadeen-E-Hind, published in 1983 by Maktaba-e-Rashidia Lahore.

3.      Tazkara Ulama-E-Hazara, published in 1990 posthumously.

4.      Tazkara Hazrat Suleman Farsi, published in 1976.

5.      Tazkara Saadat Gellania, published in 1972.

6.      Guldasta Shuara-E-Pakhal ,published by Majlis-e-Illam-e-Adab Rawalpindi .

7.      Zameendar Aur Kashtkar, published in 1972.

8.      Diwan Raja Baba, published in 1981.

9.      Syed Jalal Baba, published in 1982.

10.  Gohar-E-Nayab published by Majlis-e-Illam-e-Adab Rawalpindi in 1983 .

11.  Jangalat Kee Tabahi Kee Tarikh, published in 1969.

12.  Tazkara Mujahideen-E-Hazara, published in 1984.

Un Published Manuscripts. 

1.      The Holy Shrines.

2.      Tarikh Saadat-E-Kaghan.

3.      Tarikh-Ul-Quraish.

4.      Tazkara Shuara-E-Qadeem.

5.      Mansehra Ki Kahani.

6.      Tarikh-E-Aqwam-E-Mansehra.

7.      Tazkara District Mansehra.

8.      Tarikh-E-Tanawal




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Unpublished Books

·         Khan, Muhammad Khawas, Tarikh-e-Tanawal. (Unpublished, 1972).

Newspapers and weeklies.

·         The daily Haider, Rawalpindi.

·         The daily Jung, Rawalpindi.

·         The daily Muslim, Islamabad.

·         The daily Nawa-e-Waqat, Rawalpindi.

·         The weekly Jaiza, Mansehra.

·         The weekly Jamhoor, Abbottabad.

·         The weekly Jamhoor, Mian Chunoon (Punjab).

·         The weekly Nishaman, Abbottabad.

·         Hazara Gazatteer, 1982-1983, Abbottabad



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Personal interviews.

1.      Khan, Baidar, village hairan, P/o Battal, Mansehra.

2.      Muhammad, Mullana Doust, Village Mangloor, Manshera.

3.      Akhtar, Bashir Mahmood, chief editor, AIOU, Islamabad.

4.      Shah, Syed Hussain, R/O   G/7-1, Islamabad.

5.      Khan, Ubadullah advocate, R/O Battal, Mansehra.



Personal Diary


·         Khan, Muhammad Khawas, Personal annual dairy, unpublished,, No.1.


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