With A Lot Of New Features, The Resilient Nokia 3310 Has Been Re-Introduced

Back in the time when mobile phones were a relatively new thing, Nokia 3310 was a rage amongst the masses. Because of its resilience, durability, and features, it is still remembered by many.
During that time, around 126 million pieces were sold worldwide and this establishes the popularity of the phone. Soon after the introduction of smartphones, we saw feature phones taking a back seat in the lives of people.
However, the Nokia 3310 is all set to make a comeback. The new version of the phone has been introduced to the audiences at the Mobile World Congress and it has everything for the people of 2017. According to the tastes of the modern generation, changes have been made in it and some fine details have been added.

Nokia 3310
The covers were lifted from the new version of Nokia 3310 in Barcelona Spain. One of the most exciting things about the new phone is that it comes in bright new colors.
The original 3310 was a feature phone and the manufacturers have maintained the legacy by not changing the new version to a smartphone. It has not been remodeled, however, significant changes have been made to enhance its appearance and to bring more utility to it.
The new phone comes equipped with the Nokia’s Series 30+ software, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera and a microSD card slot.
If the model is to be compared with the latest smartphones then it is quite modest in appearance. This proves the point that it has not been designed to target the audiences of flagship phones. Instead, it is for all those Nokia fans who have carried this phone, absolutely loved it, and not would want to have an improved version with them.
As compared to the 2000 model, the upgraded version is smaller than its predecessor along with being lighter and thinner as well. It is available in a set of bright and exciting colors including blue, yellow, and red. It is actually the shape of the phone that will help people in recognizing it at a first glance.
The phone has a battery power of 1,200mAh which is very close to the capacity of an entry-level smartphone. According to the claims made by the Nokia officials, a battery of this size will be able to give the phone a standby time of 31 days. It is also offering 51 hours of MP3 playback, 39 hours of FMradio playback and 22 hours of talk time.
The weight of the phone is 79.6g and comes with a removable battery which can be charged through a microUSB port. The phone has something which even the $700 flagship phones cannot offer and that is a 3.5mm headphone jack.
For the gamers, an updated version of the iconic game Snake will also be there on the phone. This game can also be found on the Facebook Messenger under the games tab.
The price of Nokia 3310 is $52 which means that Pakistanis can buy it for 5,500 PKR only.
By: Zeeshan Mustafa



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