How to Know You Can Trust Your Online Book Retailer?

We all know the reasons to buy books online yet, as, with everything in life, there are certain risks attached. With the advent of online shopping businesses, there have been a lot of advantages that consumers have enjoyed. Along with saving time and money, the online retail stores have allowed us to research more thoroughly about the things we buy and how efficiently we buy them. Books are no exception. We can buy every kind of book online and at the best price with a minimal amount of effort. Yet, with all the popularity the online business models have attracted, they have also attracted some adverse features such as malicious and fake businesses that are out to get innocent people’s money by scamming them.
After all, in the 21st century, all the technological advancements have given rise to opportunities for online fraud and other such harmful activities. And though it may be true that there are not as many online bookstores in Pakistan, yet there are enough that one might be confused between a genuine and authentic online book retailer and one that is just out to scam people and get their money. Luckily, there are a number of signs, tips, and tricks you can follow to ensure that you do not fall prey these malicious attackers. In this article, we shall discuss what those signs might be and how to avoid being scammed by fake online bookstores in Pakistan.
How to Spot an Authentic Online Book Retailer

  1. Good Word of Mouth: Online businesses are still businesses and genuine and authentic ones will always have a good rapport with the consumers. The really good online bookstores which you can trust, not only to deliver you the right book in the stipulated amount of time but also with all the information you provide them, will have a good reputation. You might hear about the online bookstore from friends and family who have already ordered from there and had a good experience. Or there might be a general buzz about it at the office or the educational institute you attend, since good online stores in Pakistan are hard to find, particularly those that can be trusted and those that provide the product on time, as ordered.
  2. Thorough Website:Good and trustworthy online bookstores in Pakistan, such as Booksinn will have a website that provides you with plenty of information about the books that you are looking for. For example, in the case of academic books, students often have a problem locating the right edition. Authentic online retailers for books will provide several alternatives, allow price comparisons and will also have reviews about the condition. Moreover, they have a user-friendly interface, one where you do not get lost in the rabbit hole but are able to find your book easily and effectively.
  3. Customer Reviews:Customer reviews, in particular,, are very important when it comes to spotting a genuine and credible retailer selling online books in Pakistan. When people do not have a good experience buying stuff online, they are vocal about it. Conversely, when they have a good experience, they will make it known as well. A real retailer will have plenty of customer reviews. Some might be good, some might be bad, but at least you will know that this retailer is the real deal. Especially, if you can find some bad reviews, it means that the site is legit since scammers often put up fake reviews that praise their online business and cannot find anything wrong with them.

How to Avoid Fake Online Retailers?
In addition to all the signs mentioned above to spot a genuine and authentic online book retailer, there are some that will help you spot a fake one right off the bat. The biggest among them are these:

  1. They Will Ask for Personal Information: Whether it’s your social security number, your bank details, or your password, fake businesses out there will try to force you to input personal and sensitive information. That is why it is always advisable not to enter any password or bank details into an unknown website until you fully trust it or are sure about it. This is one of the methods scammers get hold of information and use it against you.
  2. They Will Ask for Money before the Order:A sure sign of a fake website and the fake retailer is that they will ask for money even before you have ordered anything and try to get you to pay something using your credit or debit card. This way, not only will you be out a few bucks, but you will also have provided them with sensitive information.

These were just some of the signs to look out for while shopping for books online in Pakistan. They will help to guard you against any scammers with malicious intent.
By: Mr. Aqil Tariq

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