Highlights of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Budget 2015-16

[ PART 1 - Highlights of KP Budget 2015-16 ]

• Total outlay : Rs. 488 billion; 21% up over BE 2014-15
• Provincial own receipts : Rs. 55 billion; 90% up over BE 2014-15
• Current expenditure: 64% of total budgetary outlay; 18% up over BE 2014-15 (Salary: 20% & Non-Salary: 18%)
• Development budget: 36% of total budgetary outlay; 35% up over BE 2014-15
• ADP(own resources): 29% of total budgetary outlay; 42% up over BE 2014-15
• No new taxes
• Overall 14,106 plus 12,700 jobs created directly and over 175,000 employment opportunities created indirectly
• 10,175 posts of teachers created in budget 2015-16 to improve student-teacher ratio
• Autonomy granted to Higher Secondary Schools with separate funds allocations
• Full autonomy granted to major hospitals and medical teaching institutions
• 900 posts of nurses and 500 posts of paramedics created in budget 2015-16 to improve service delivery in health sector
• Sehat ka Insaf funded for promotion of preventative health care
• Adequate allocations made for good governance institutions, including Right to Information(RTI), Right to Service (RTS) and Ehtessab Commission (EC)
• Rs. 7 billion allocated for operationalization of local governments system
• One line budget provided to economic and social growth promoters, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Oil and Gas Company Limited (KPOGCL), Provincial Electric Development Organization (PEDO), Khyber Pakthtunkhwa Board of Investment and Trade (KPBOIT) , Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Galliat Development Authority (GDA), Water Supply and Sanitation Companies (WSSCs) and Economic Zones Development and Management Company (EZDMC)
• 10% increase in salaries to all provincial government employees
• Merging of Adhoc relief allowance 2011 and 2012 in the basic pay
• Two step up gradation for BS-1 to 5, one step for BS-6 to 15 and compensatory allowance equivalent to one step up gradation for BS-16
• 10% increase in pension
• 25% increase in medical allowance both for serving and retired employees
• Revival of policy for restoration of commuted portion of pension for all previous and future retired employees
• A uniform Ph.D allowance @ Rs.10,000 per month granted to all provincial government employees
• Extension granted in family pension to widowed/divorced daughter for life or till re-marriage
• Adequate funding made for billion tree tsunami program
• Adequate funding made for pro-poor Sassta Aata & Ghee scheme
• Free provision of quality seeds to farmers for next wheat crop
• Funds provided for establishment of traffic wardens system on modern lines
• New Consumers courts created in 10 districts

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