On Bab-e-Peshawar Flyover, a waste of 1.77 Billion taxpayers' money

On Bab-e-Peshawar Flyover, a waste of 1.77 Billion taxpayers' money
Being Engineers and regular commuters of the route under concern, I have the following strong objections on the construction of this flyover
a. International practices are that generally high speed uninterrupted flow flyovers are provided for through traffic where design speeds of linking roads are over very high whereas the speeds on the roads that would be served by this flyover are not more than 40 kph. Hence the serving congested roads do not commensurate with this uninterrupted flyover in terms of speeds.
b. The flyover section that would serve vehicles from Karkhano to phase 3 are already conveniently using two entries into Hayatabad located at distances of 0.5 km and 1.5 km from the proposed location of the Flyover. Moreover, between the proposed location and existing entries, there are no traffic originators. If built, this section of flyover will serve little or no traffic.

c. Even if these bottlenecks of congestion are resolved using such extravagant solutions, the traffic has to return shortly and engage again with undisciplined, unorganized traffic flows.
d. Traffic congestion at this intersection is mainly caused by three major schools adjacent. Relocation of these schools could reduce traffic load by a significant amount.
e. The most fundamental and less costly general traffic issues need to be addressed; which are, traffic licensing system compatible with western standards, proper road markings and road signals, improvement of public transport system (Not of course, the Metro System), highly trained and educated traffic wardens and so on.
Muhammad Abbas, Umair Ayub
Dr. Irshad Ahmad

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