Amazing 77 Facts about Peshawar

You know you are from Peshawar WHEN..

  1. You think that now that we have Masooms and Rahat we are becoming like Lahore or Karachi
  2. You know how amazing chief burger really is, only in Peshawar.
  3. Scope is everything
  4. You are not surprised subway was a bad idea in Peshawar.
  5. Almost every second wedding you go to will be at Peshawar club
  6. You love to hate sadder
  7. You have seen the fat guy who sells paneer in sadder, cause damn! It’s the only place in the world that sells paneer! You have waken up early in the morning just to go to sadder for halwa puri.\
  8. You think your posh, when you go to PC.
  9. You refer to Peshawar as PeKHawar
  10. You are pretty much used to bomb blasts
  11. You eat meat. Lots of it. Anytime. Anywhere. Charsi Tikka sums it all up.
  12. You still think that Peshawar is more lively than dead Islamabad
  13. If you’re a women you can’t even think about going out without your face uncovered unless you want a 1000 heads turning
  14. You have learnt to ignore the fact that every person is opinionated and aren’t afraid to express it. “da tha gora”.. “excuse me? Who the fuck are you?”
  15. Bibi shireen is played at any function
  16. You have to try harder after your exams to get into KMC or Jinnah, anything less not acceptable
  17. Your father wants green tea after everything he eats
  18. Your mother knows where every women has got her clothes from and the price of it
  19. You understand the categorisation of “tomyaaan” or “tommy”
  20. You use the phrase “mara preda”
  21. You refer to everyone else as “Punjabyaan”
  22. Your favorite car is either Toyota or Civic, and kids will compete over who’s father has the best car
  23. You have noticed that Pizza hut salad bar is the ultimate place to stare out a girl
  24. Are aware that KFC is a dating spot and if your not there for that then you will outstare them till they leave
  25. You celebrate Eid one day before the government.
  26. You know our city can’t be like Lahore or Karachi
  27. Felt like Deans shopping centre was the biggest disappointment ever
  28. You like going into Chen One even if you have nothing to do there
  29. You think Jans is the coolest shop in the world
  30. You have tried very hard to compliment the airport but given up in the end
  31. Nearly every second person in Saddar will try to sell you “ilashtic” and you’ll end up buying more of it than your actual clothes
  32. You know that “Fuwara chawk” doesn’t actually have a Fountain.
  33. Your parents protect you and dont let you party
  34. When you normally talk, people think you are yelling
  35. It is normal for your father or grandfather to put a gun under his pillow
  36. You speak Pashto whenever and wherever you feel like, loud enough for everyone to hear
  37. Your dad insults you by insulting himself...."da khar bachiya"
  38. You say Marra, Waee, Yara Kho no etc while talking in urdu with your desi friends
  39. You think you can beat up someone twice your size because you have "Pashtun blood"
  40. When your parents are always complaining about you and NEVER happy with anything you do comparing you to other people
  41. You have a pocket in your patowg
  42. You serve dry fruit to every guest that comes
  43. You have utmost respect for women...The women of your house are covered when out...yet your favourite swear words begin with 'Wa stakhor...' and 'Sta kho mor...'
  44. When your watching tv, "Pasa beighairatha katoona de ushlol"
  45. Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to eat food
  46. You have at the very least thirty cousins
  47. You think the only solution to any problem is fighting
  48. You tend to pronounce plate -- PILLATE and glass -- GEE LASS
  49. You try and fit 5 kids in the back of a Hatchback. One on top of the other.
  50. You carefully unwrap presents to save the wrapping paper so you can use it to re-gift later on.
  51. You think your cool just because you live in Hayatabad
  52. You have cousins or neighbors that STILL go to Peshawar Model
  53. You used to think army stadium was the coolest place to hang out when you were young and would look at the lights till your head hurts while your passing in the car
  54. You don't hesitate to laugh out loud to anyone who tries to be "madran" by speaking english in public.
  55. Your mum still thinks Shereen Mahal has the best sweets.
  56. A restaurant trip is useless unless you have had soup for starters
  57. You referred to "Ice berg" as "Ice borg" when it existed
  58. When you go for any buffet, especially Shiraz, your mum makes you starve all day so that "paysay rawapas shee"
  59. All of a sudden next door is turning into a school or a university
  60. If you live in Hayatabad you feel the need to compliment the ring road everytime you go in it because it doesn't take you 2 hours to go shopping anymore
  61. You can hear the corn seller shouting "wagayyy wagayyy" on the street.
  62. You think the ice cream seller is going to wait for you by screaming "Udrayga" from inside your house
  63. Most of your friends are either Khan or Ullah
  64. You have learnt to accept that nearly every sign post will have grammatical or spelling errors
  65. You are not bothered that straight men hold hands in public
  66. You pretend to understand "ghass" and "khee" lass
  67. You talk to a girl/boy once and already start planning your wedding with them
  68. You don't find the joke about pathans and Naswaar funny anymore
  69. Eating your meals on the floor is normal
  70. You think your "madran" when you go to the village
  71. If you buy a new car, a round in the cheif plaza is a must
  72. You will wash your car up, at least twice a week outside Haq Khokha
  73. You have realised that every second Shop in Qissa Khawani Bazar in Summers sells Falloda
  74. 'Wikhto sara be chera na kay!' haha.. You think that parting your hair in the middle and growing it long is kool and typical pathaan style...And when you get into 1st year, yourealize that you were just being 'kali-waal' and you ought to funk up your hair..
  75. You think you are cooler than Islamia college students because you are an Edwardian...
  76. You need a passport picture and anybody who finds out recommends Ziadi photographer!
  77. You have never lived in your village but the moment someone finds out you are from some district, they say, 'Alaka agha Fazal Mahmad (Mohd) pejane...!

77 facts about Peshawar shared by Tips de Peshawar page on facebook, some of them are true and rest controveital, but the fact is

"Byam Dera Maza Kai"
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