13 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Able To Resist Dating A Pakhtoon

Everyone’s been talking about dating sindhis and Punjabis, which may be exciting and all, but it is time we introduce our audience to the real romantics in Pakistan. They say if they love you, they will kill for you, but if they hate you they will kill you. Known for their love stories and dil-phaink attitude, these guys are the most exciting dating(/life) partners you could ever have. Brace yourselves, boys and girls, because Pakhtuns are very hard to resist and here are 13 reasons why:

1. They don’t play mind-games and will call a spade a spade.

There’s no beating about the bush with your Pakhtun partner. S/he will give you the uncensored version in your relationship every time – literally no filter! Upfront, and sometimes blunt, these guys know how nurture an honest-to-goodness relationship without any strings attached.

2. Passionate about life, love, traditions, culture, values and YOU!

P is for passion, P is for Pakhtun. Whether it’s about love or war, they are passionate about everything they set their hearts to. So if they set their heart’s set on you – you are one lucky person!

3. The greatest thing about being part of his/her family is that you will have family that will be willing to walk on fire to keep you safe!

But if they don’t like you – God help you. The generosity, inclusiveness and hospitality that a Pakhtun family shows is humbling. And if they feel the smallest sense of gratitude towards you, they will open up their houses and their hearts to repay you for your kindness. The most unpretentious household you will ever be luck to be a part of. And they love kids – lots of them. Like lots.

4. They take pride in their culture, tradition and language.

If you go to a Pakhtun and try speaking in Pashto, even if your attempt is really bad, they will consider you one of their own. Now imagine the pride (and sometimes arrogance) in a Pakhtun who teaches you a few words and you say them back correctly – they will love you to the moon and back! No matter where they go they will take their heritage with them. This is what always keeps them grounded.

5. They love you even when they are mad.

When these guys get angry, they get REALLY angry! In short:

But – they also melt like chocolate every time they see your puppy-dog eyes.

And you may have just had an argument with them but she will still bring you chai and he’s still going to walk you home safely.

6. They have the cutest shy side you can ever imagine. AND they blush!





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They may not express themselves very often but when they do they go all out! Once you’ve made them comfortable enough around you, and they’re not shy anymore, they become the life of your personal party! It’s hilarious – really!

7. They are very respectful

If you happen to be dating a Pakhtun, the one thing you should be sure of is how they behave with other people – especially your parents. There is no person that would pay higher regard to an adult or an elderly person more than a Pakhtun. And with their storytelling skills, they can keep your grandparents happily entertained for hours too! They are very respectful and will make sure to leave you staring at them in awe and pride.





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8. Chivalry isn’t in their blood, they invented it.

Like mentioned earlier, they’ve fought battles for love. The Pashto language documents poetry and ballads that could make the most resolute people blush. Honestly, this GIF is exactly how a Pakhtun makes you feel… sigh. Such romantics!

9.  Charm drips from their presence…

Literally. These guys could charm a pole. Pashto poetry and their dramatic narrations, storytelling is part of their blood and they know how to keep your heart beating to the tone of their voice. You will not mind listening to them read to you for hours and the best part is, you will always feel like you have learnt something extremely valuable after one heart-to-heart conversation with them. They can keep you entertained for a lifetime so long as you are willing to listen, learn and be charmed!

And you think,

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10. They are very strong emotionally

You know they will be there to catch you when you fall. They know when you need a shoulder and when you need some space. They know just what to say or do at just the right time. <3

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11. They are like little kids when they want to be and will throw tantrums about everything – and still manage to look cute enough to melt your heart.

12. But can be extremely protective of you at the same time, and make sure no one messes with you. Ever

13. They are very very very attractive.

There is literally no comparison. None. Pakhtuns are really really hot. Walk into a fashion show and people will turn to find out if your beau is a model or not! And the best part is…

Shahid Afridi – Madhubala – Danyal Adam Khan – Ghazala Javed – Imran Khan


They know they’re hot too, and

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We know they’re hot too!!



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