Swat Tourist Gala Festival bound on broken roads

Concerts, sports competitions, jet-skiing and cultural programmes are on the gala’s list of things to do till it all comes to an end

The Pakistan Army has been arranging summer celebrations in Swat since their last military hostile against the Taliban, and the street to the venue has been broken since no less than 2010, when surges desolated the area. 


A decent gauge of how excitement denied the nation is that a huge number of individuals still conquered the broken, battered streets to Kalam to achieve the Swat Tourist Gala 2014. 


British-era Lady Reading Hospital construction under threat of being razed

Out with the recent and in with the new appears to be the locution of the administration of the girl Reading Hospital because it has determined to demolish the higher level of its PGMI area Hall made throughout British era. Last year’s monsoon rains severely broken the hall’s story that once served as a ward for girls afflicted by T.B.. The administration that originally remained unconcerned with protective the structure in-built 1936, ultimately determined that since the injury was irreparable the whole higher level ought to be razed and restored.


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