Veena Malik's Husband Asad bashir Khattak to Sing for Pakistan

Asad Bashir Khan, referred to Pakistanis as performing artist Veena Malik's spouse has concocted an enthusiastic melody and feature in front of Independence Day. Khan, a businessperson and a goodwill represetative for International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has performed an enthusiastic musical number 'Meherban Pakistan' for Geo Television. With verses passing on a message of trust and pride in one's nationality, the feature comprises of rather ordinary cuts seen in very nearly every other enthusiastic number with kids circling holding national banners and men in conventional dresses.

Swat Tourist Gala Festival bound on broken roads

Concerts, sports competitions, jet-skiing and cultural programmes are on the gala’s list of things to do till it all comes to an end

The Pakistan Army has been arranging summer celebrations in Swat since their last military hostile against the Taliban, and the street to the venue has been broken since no less than 2010, when surges desolated the area. 


A decent gauge of how excitement denied the nation is that a huge number of individuals still conquered the broken, battered streets to Kalam to achieve the Swat Tourist Gala 2014. 



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