Muhammad Khawas Khan Golra

Muhammad Khawas Khan belonged to Golra (Awan) family of village Hairan (Battal) , District Mansehra Pakistan. He was a Muslim and was born on 8th of March ,1908 in village Hairan. His father’s name was Qalandar Khan, a farmer. After passing his primary education in his village he was admitted in sixth class in Anglo Vernacular Middle School at Mansehra. After passing his Middle Class examination he got admission in 9th class but could not complete his Matriculation course and left the school in 1927.

Scorpion Smoking Gaining Popularity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The menace of scorpion smoking is gaining popularity in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Although there are no exact statistics that reveal the users’ percentage, research has been carried out to find the prevalence of scorpion smoking addiction.
A dead scorpion is first dried in the sunlight or burnt on coal. The coal is kept on a traditional stove, and the scorpion is allowed to cook until it burns to death.
Sohbat says opium’s affects are far safer than scorpion smoking.


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